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The shuttle is a robust and modular system which has been developed specially for the safe and ergonomical vertical transport of goods up scaffolding. The shuttle consists of guide rails, a shuttle carriage that moves over the rails, and a shuttle crate that is attached to the carriage and used to transport goods. The shuttle is operated by a drill which powers our specially designed winch. The winch is equipped with a slip clutch which protects the system and ensures the user cannot hoist more than 80 kg.

  • Hoist winch powered by a drill
  • The load moves over the rails safely and in a controlled manner
  • Loads up to 80 kg
  • Set up in 3 minutes


The solar shuttle follows the same principle, only the carriage and shuttle crate have been adjusted. This system has been specially developed for the safe and vertical transport of solar panels and similar goods up scaffolding. By means of an adjusted frame with a slot at the top of the scaffolding, the sizeable panels can be hoisted up the scaffolding easily and safely. Using the solar shuttle improves the safety and speed with which solar panels can be mounted onto the roof.

  • Hoist winch powered by a drill
  • Specially developed for the installation of solar panels
  • Set up in 3 minutes
  • Special crate which can be rotated 90 degrees for the perfect positioning

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All components of the shuttle system can be ordered separately. This way the user can adjust the shuttle to their work situation, most importantly the work height. There is a choice in crate and an option to not use a winch but a hoist rope system instead. In addition, and in consultation with the client, we can offer solutions made to measure.

  • Components can be ordered separately
  • Determine your own work height
  • Various crates available
  • Hoist rope system with special backflow protection




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